Selling quality remote inferno capes since 2018.

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I will do any cape at any reasonable combat level. I started selling capes in 2018 to friends, then slowly started expanding my business.

To order an inferno cape, simply fill in the form below and click on the button. Your quote will be sent to the LiveChat and someone will be with you ASAP.

By ordering an inferno cape you agree to the terms of service as described here.

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LMS Services

Apart from inferno capes we also specialize in LMS games. Being one of the first people to offer LMS services, i offer a high winrate service for the fastest and best results. To order LMS services please DM Bolt#9551 on Discord (case sensitive!).

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By ordering the LMS service you agree to the terms of service as described here.

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My account shop consists of many different builds and will be regularly updated. All inferno capes on these accounts are done by me, unless stated otherwise. Visit the topic for the corresponding account you are interested in for more information and screenshots.

Inferno Pures

6x/7x Combat

1 Defence

7x Ranged / 7x Mage

Infernal Cape

Low HP


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Here you can find all frequently asked questions.

I believe it doesn't matter, since there are many 1st try 1 defence capes ingame, and jagex simply cannot risk a false ban.

The currently available payment methods are Bitcoin / ETH / RSGP / CSGO Skins. PayPal can be considered. Bitcoin is preferred.

Payment for inferno capes will be paid in the middle of the waves. This way you can see your own cape being done.

The official terms of service can be found here.

I use remote software that let me control your keyboard so the cape is achieved through your own IP & PC.

I strive to complete every order within 2-4 hours of being purchased, with very high success rates. However capes will be done in less than 60-90 minutes most of the time.

Make a ticket in my Discord or inquire in my livechat for more details.

I offer wave 31-69, 50-69, 60-69, Jads-Zuk and Zuk only.

Have any other questions? Message Bolt#9551 on Discord (case sensitive).


In order to contact me either contact the Live Chat support, or send me a DM on Discord.

You can also choose to fill in the form below and i will contact you if you are in my Discord server.

My ONLY discord is Bolt#9551 - This is case sensitive! (Unique ID: 426091643142144011)

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